Our mission is your business. Our commitment is to provide high quality legal services without the high fees. Relying on decades of both legal and business experience as large law firm attorneys and general counsels, we provide sound, practical and cost-effective approaches for addressing the unique legal and business needs of our clients. 

Why Choose Us?


We have practiced in both large and medium-sized law firms. We represent clients of all size, shape and dimensions. We’re happy to handle routine matters and are fully able to manage complex cases.

The difference is that we have the collective experience, wisdom and common sense to service your needs.


Our law practice focuses on providing business solutions to legal issues. Our advice is practical and applicable to the real world. And if there is a matter we don’t handle, then we have a substantial network of attorneys who can.

The difference is we have all the right expertise for your business, and if we don’t have the particular expertise, we’ll find it for you.


Our fees are well below those charged by large firms as well as other boutique practices.  You’re not paying for a fancy office, a bloated staff or commissioned art. Those efficiencies are passed to our clients. We pride ourselves on providing superior legal services at very reasonable rates, and we can provide flexible billing alternatives that may be more practical for your particular business circumstances.

The difference is that you will find our services to be every bit as sound and effective as you will find at the mega-firms but at micro prices.


Our top priority is client service and communication.  Our business model is founded on providing high quality services and being responsive to your needs.   We appreciate the frustration experienced by a client when an attorney doesn’t promptly return calls, misses deadlines and engages in legal double speak. That’s what you expect. That’s how we operate.

The difference is that we value you — the client — as if you were the only one.